Black Hill Road Families

Elijah Austin


Elijah Austin 
Born Plainfield June 12, 1829

Died June 7th 1906 in Cornish

Martha C Davidson

1831-1899 Wife of Elijah Dennis

Grew up on Old County RD Bought house and farm of Jane and John Stephenson ?1850's. Sold house in 1869 and moved to Cornish, Farmed where Peter Burling live

Austin, George Davidson
George Davidson Austin
Son of Elijah Austin and Martha Davidson
born July 19th, Black Hill RD, Plainfield
Died January 26th 1928 Cornish
In 1969 soon after his birth his parents sold their farm on Black Hill ( now Stephensons) and moved to cornish. They took one of thier barns on Black Hill down and reerected it in Cornish and the barn still stands at the Austin farm ( now owned by Peter Burling) George and his Brother Robert 1865-1932 never married and farmed together at Austin Farm.
Photograph taken at Grange Hall, Plainfield, featuring Henry Daniels, D.C. Westgate and J. D. Porter.
photograph taken at Grange Hall, Plainfield, featuring Henry Daniels, d.c Westgate and J D Porter
Blancha Daniels
Blancha Daniels August 4th, 1879- July 29th, 1959
Annie Lewin and Kimball Daniels.
Annie Lewin and Kimball Daniels (1881-1913)
One of Daniels girls in front of house.
One of Daniel's girls in front of house
Ed Daniels and Bill McGuire
Alfred Jenney Family 1889<br />
Back Row,<br />
Lulu b.1880<br />
Mary b1877<br />
Frank b1874-1923<br />
Harriet 1875-1960<br />
Front Row<br />
Alfred Jr  B 1884<br />
Alfred (father) 1845-1913<br />
Josephine(mother) 1850-1926<br />
Albert b 1885
Alfred Jenney Family 1889
Back Row,
Lulu b.1880
Mary b1877
Frank b1874-1923
Harriet 1875-1960
Front Row
Alfred Jr  B 1884
Alfred (father) 1845-1913
Josephine(mother) 1850-1926
Albert b 1885
Black Hill Road Families