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bernice westgate 1904.jpg
Bernice Westgate 1904

Warren Adelbert Westgate 6months old.jpg
Warren Adelbert Westgate, 6 months old

westgate portrait.jpg
Photograph of Luetta Hadley Westgate mother of Lute Westgate, Lizzie Plummer, Mary Daly, Grace French and grandmother of Verna Guillete.


Mary E Westgate- Chellis.jpg
Mary E. Westgate Chellis taken between 1890-1900. Daughter of Daniel and Clara Stone Westgate married Harold W. Chellis of Meriden NH. They had four children:

old brown school, meriden with buggy.jpg
Old Brown School, Meriden, NH. In buggy Morris Penniman and Carrie Westgate.

group portrait in front of Grange hall.jpg
Photograph taken at Grange Hall, Plainfield, featuring Henry Daniels, D.C. Westgate and J.D. Porter.

westgate place.jpg
Photograph of man walking in front of white house.
On back of picture reads "Westgate place"


westgate, walker, cole.jpg
Photograph of Westgate, Walker and Cole family.
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