Plainfeld to Hartland Ferries

Plainfield Historical Society
Sunday, November 13th at 2pm
Mothers’ and Daughters’ Clubhouse


Members of the Hartland Historical Society will be joining us to celebrate the major bequests that Marian Kenyon made to both of our historical societies in 2020. Marian grew up in Hartland. She married Earle Kenyon, who grew up in Plainfield, and they moved back to town in the late 1960s and lived in the house just north of our clubhouse.

Please join us at 2pm as we welcome the Hartland folks and have refreshments.

Our program will be about the two ferries that ran between Plainfield and Hartland during the 19th century. People crossed back and forth all the time for social events, business and work. The last ferry was washed away in 1905, ending the close connection between the two communities.

Plainfield to Hartland Ferry