Annual Meeting & Program

Plainfield Historical Society Annual Meeting
Wednesday May 15 th at 7pm
Plainfield Town Hall

Jeff Rapsis, Executive Director of the Aviation Museum of NH, will talk about the worst aviation
disaster in NH history. Fifty years ago, Northeast Airlines Flight 946 came in too low and crashed
into Moose Mountain on approach to the Lebanon Municipal Airport, killing 32 people.
Miraculously, ten people survived, and the search and rescue of the survivors involved
hundreds of local people.

Jeff Rapsis’ father, John Rapsis, was the pilot of the plane, and died in the crash. Jeff will talk
about the crash and put it in context historically as well as personally. Jeff led a hike to the
crash site last October.

He’ll discuss how the commercial aviation industry underwent a rapid expansion after WW11,
but air traffic control and safety systems were still catching up. Crashes during this period led to
an era of unprecedented aviation safety.

We will hold a very brief annual meeting with election of officers before the presentation, and
serve refreshments afterwards.

The program is free, but donations gratefully accepted.

Sponsored Events

Cemetery Workshop

Saturday, June 1st from 9am to 12pm
Plainfield Plain Cemetery on Route 12A

Old HeadstoneMembers of the NH Old Graveyard Association are coming to share their expertise about cleaning and restoring old stones. We'll examine some of the earliest stones in the Plainfield Plain cemetery and work on them. Wear comfortable clothes and bring insect repellent and a bag lunch. Rain or shine.