Oral History – 2018

Oral History Interviews – 2018

In 2018 the Historical Society sponsored interviews with current and past residents in order to update Plainfield's oral history. Our thanks to Steve Taylor and Bev Widger for conducting the interviews and to all of the folks who volunteered to participate. Note that the interviews are ongoing and will be added below as they are available.

Stewart & Kim Adams

Steve and Donna Beaupre

Doris Benware

Lester Bousquet

David Carver

Doug Carver

Nate Cass

Margaret Cassedy

Sylvia & Harold Clark

John and Becky(Hamilton) Crate

Jerry and Martha Doolittle

Rob and Margaret Drye

Judy Dupree and Betty Cann

Stan Dole

Albert Earle

Paul & Nancy Franklin

Don & Roberta Garfield: Tape 1 Tape 2

Gordon & Sarah Gillens

Ann Grobe

Steve Halleran

John Hendrick

Stuart Hodgeman

Florabelle (King, Lapan) Kenyon

Walter King

Patsy Lane

Albie Leahy

Jim and Joanne Longacre

Lee Lynd & Betsy Rybeck-Lynd

Scott MacLeay

Robert Marrazzo

Tink Marsh

Hazel McNamara

John McNamara

John & Bev Morse

Kesaya Noda

Eric O'Leary

Betty Pardoe

Joyce Read, Lynda(Read) Stoddard, Faith(Read) Dellarova and Ann Clement

Dennis & Estelle Reisch (Tape 1)

Dennis & Estelle Reisch (Tape 2)

Margaret (Hoisington) Rogers

Daniel Boone Rondeau

Anne & Pooh Sprague

Merilyn Smith

Ruth & Jesse Stalker

Jane & John Stephenson

Betty Stockwell

Bud Stone & Ruth Rollins

Sheila Stone

Jean Strong Jean Strong #2

Ted Sullivan

Mike Sutherland

Richard Swett

Mike Taupier Mike Taupier #2

Steve Taylor (Tape 1)

(Tape 2)

Reg & Linda (Williams) Tyler

Sue Timmons

Donna (Crate) Wheeler

Wayne Wheeler

Harold 'Sonny' Wilder

Jeanne Woodward-Poor